Five Practices To Take Care Of The Environment From The Classroom

Spending more time outside the classroom in the gardens, starting a recycling program, or developing projects using recycled material are some of the ways in which an ecological awareness can be created in children.

The care of the environment is a subject that requires special awareness on the part of society. For some time now, the education of different countries integrated their study plans, themes that promote an ecological conscience from an early age. But, how do teachers what can we do to inculcate the care of the environment?

We give you five practical ideas on how you can, through actions, demonstrate to your students the importance of having an ecological conscience that made profound changes in the future:

  1. Try to spend more time outside the classroom:  Get a way to teach outside the classroom, this drives the love and understanding of children for the environment and its importance, sowing in them, the desire to live in greater harmony with the environment.
  2.  Have the children bring a small towel for their hands and face instead of using paper towels:  ask them to use only theirs and take it home on weekends to wash them. This allows to lower in a very significant way the amount of garbage that each child produces.
  3.  Start a recycling program at your school: it will not only help the environment, but you can can also generate profits that help you fund alternative projects within your school. You can even promote it with prizes to the room or group that carries more amount of recyclable material each week.
  4. Find ways to reduce the use of paper in your classroom:  use both sides of the paper, save the printed papers that no longer serve for activities that only require one side of the sheet, avoid using more than one sheet in the notes that are sent, establishes a system of notifications by circulars by email instead of sending them on paper with children, among many other ways that you can think of.
  5. Develop projects with recycled material:  models, cards, and many other things can be made from paper, plastic, cardboard and other recycled materials.
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