In recent years there has been a greater awareness of environmental care due to the scarcity of natural resources and the high level of pollution that is recorded throughout the planet …


That is why, we took on the task of starting our activities to help the planet, these first activities were done immediately since they did not require an extraordinary effort to carry out the start of this project. In fact, we realized that we already had some activities carried out since we started our executive office services.


The areas in which we work are the following:

  • Biodegradable cleaning products.
  • Recycling of leaves.
  • Saving lamps.
  • Planters and plants in building.
  • Biodegradable cleaning products.


By consuming biodegradable products we help to care for the environment since their products are biodegradable, the packaging ackaging they make are easily recyclable and all the paper products they make are made with recycled fibers, so not a single tree has been cut to elaborate them.


  • Floor cleaning
  • Toilet paper
  • Wipes for hands
  • Hand soap.
  • Recycling of leaves.


We work together to recycle the leaves that are no longer required in the work area.

The reception area receives the used sheets that the clients no longer need, to give it a second use.

Saving lamps. All the lamps in the offices are light-saving.

Stickers were also affixed to the dampers with the following legend: “PROTECT THE EARTH OFF THE LIGHT”.

Planters and plants in Building.

Having a garden and / or plants in the office helps to transform the harmful gases and chemical particles of the environment into nutrients thanks to their absorption, at the same time reducing pollution.



We are developing projects to strengthen the program. These projects are being evaluated to verify the impact and benefit of this.

Separation of organic and inorganic waste.

Separate the garbage that is generated inside the offices, the organic from the inorganic to avoid contaminating it and can be recycled.

Apply in:

Shared kitchen

Boardroom kitchen.


Environmental education.

Improve and promote the practice, care and protection of the environment through different means to avoid environmental pollution of the community and through practice protect the planet earth.



Informative and interesting notes.

Activities – Dynamics to take care of the environment.

Installation of solar panels.

The main objective of the installation and use of solar panels, is to save electricity using natural resources.


How the system would work

Solar Radiation: Uses a source of clean and inexhaustible energy, sunlight.

Solar panels: Thanks to photovoltaic cells, solar radiation is used to transform it into direct electric current.

Investor: It will be responsible for transforming the direct current of the solar panels into alternating current, so that it can be used in all electronic devices, whether residential or industrial.

Bi-Directional Meter: All the energy production generated by the panels act as a credit on your electricity bill. It will account for all production and consumption that will be reflected in the new invoice.

CFE only collects the difference or offers a credit in favor in the next billing period.

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